How to become an associate member of the Androscoggin Valley Fish & Game Association

 Below are several ways that you can become an associate member of the Androscoggin Fish & Game Association.  

  1. You may purchase a single adult range pass for $60 
  2. You may purchase a banquet ticket to our annual banquet held in April for $45
  3. You may purchase a single adult boat pass for $45
  4. You may purchase a single adult boat/range combo pass for $85
  5. You may purchase a  family range pass for $120
  6. You may purchase a family boat/range pass for $145

 You must purchase a range pass, a boat pass, a combo pass, or a family pass in order to use our shooting range facilities or our available boats. You will need a combo pass if you wish to use both facilities.

Range passes are valid from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. Boat passes are valid for the fishing season from the time AVFGA makes our boats available at full ice out until we remove our boats for the winter. In other words, as long as the boats are available, your boat pass is valid.

A Boat Pass allows you to sign out a key in order to use one of our many boats located at various ponds around the area. Boat Passes and boat keys are available at Ray's Corner Store on Route 110 in West Milan, NH.

Our annual banquet is our big fundraiser which gives us the funds needed to operate and update our range, boats, and various number of other things that the club participates in. Please note that if you purchase a banquet ticket this makes you an associate member and gives you the privilege of attending our banquet only. 

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